Sunday, May 17, 2009

SUNday news:

Hello friends!
Today is a beautiful day:) We've had some severe storms and rain over the past few days. Though we've desperately needed the rain, I'm glad to see the sun shining again today. I managed to get a couple of scrappy projects done over the weekend - including adding some new sketched to my slideshow - so that feels good. This is my last week of school for the year. Austin graduates from Pre-K on Wednesday - break a mama's heart; my baby starts Kindergarten in just a few months. My big girl will be headed to the 5th grade - GASP! Where does time go?
Anyway, I hope you all have a bright sun shiny day:)


  1. It feels sooooo good outside today! Evan's begging to play in the sprinkler. Love you!

  2. We got some much needed rain too and we had a frost advisory last night! Rain has stopped and temps are on the rise, so back to normal now. :0)

  3. Temps are perfect here in the upper 60's and very sunny. Wish we could get a little of your rain...I don't want the bad storms...just a little rain.