Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hi there!

This is Brook's last week of school so it will be busy busy for us - with track meets, field trips, talent shows and parties, we still have to fit in gymnastics and ballet. She had a rough start to the year; so many changes overwhelmed her, but she is a tough girl and has continued to impress us with making wise decisions and her compassionate heart. Austin is ready for her to get out for a couple of months. They love each other so much, it makes a mama proud. He has his last art lesson of the year tomorrow. He will really miss that, but with such a full schedule this summer we won't have time for art until school starts back. The rain has continued to fall, which is strange for us this time of year. It's been wonderful to actually get a SPRING this year. We usually go from winter to summer in a matter of days. There are only 10 days until the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington! YAY! If that isn't treat enough, Jenny and I are meeting 6 of our online friends from all over and for three days there will be laughter, shopping at convention together, laughter, food, laughter, hugs and more laughter. We've been waiting for this for MONTHS and I didn't think it would ever get here...and finally here it is! I hope you all enjoy a blessed week!


  1. I had to switch browsers firefox will not let me post on this type of comment boxes. Anyway I followed over from SB.C. to check out your sketches. I love how you acutally do you own sketches. I always "want to" but never actually do it.