Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughtful Challenge #1

Hello there! I am going to try to challenge you every Tuesday. Each week there will be a different, simple challenge - however, this is not a scrapping challenge, but a challenge to better yourself. A challenge to live a life of purpose. Today is your first challenge.
I challenge you to find someone who is in need. This could be someone who is having trouble crossing the street , someone who needs to go ahead of you in the grocery line, or even someone who just needs a hug. We are surrounded by hurting people. Be sensitive to those around you and be their angel today:) There is no act of kindness that is too small. When you complete your mission, come back here and let us know how you are affecting your world! I look forward to hearing your story.


  1. What a great idea for weekly challenges. A great one to start with too...I am fortunate that I work in a nursing home, so I am reminded every day how blessed I am that I can walk upright and on my own power. That I can run up a flight of stairs. That I can bend down and pick up my pen when I drop it. That I can chew my food. So I do help others everyday, I wheel people down the hall, I pick up their pen, I adjust their foot pedals on their chairs. And each time I thank God I can do these things for myself!

  2. Okay, so I pass this elderly women everyday I take Natalie to school. She looks very weak and fragile. She always struggles with her trash bin to the street. So, the other day I stopped and helped her move it to the street. But....., she wasn't very apprecitive!! When I told her that I could help her with her trash bin, she said in a very cruel voice that she wasn't going to pay me and that she didn't have any money in the first place. I told her that I wasn't helping her for money that I had seen her struggle with it before and thought I would help her this time. She said that all groucy " Umpf! Well, one day you will be like me!" So,I just put the trash bin by the street and left. Now, this incident won't hinder me from helping others but c'mon!!!

  3. I have a neighbor lady that is in a wheelchair. And though she can drive, sometimes I see her struggle getting things out of her van and to her apartment. She is an avid gardener and she makes our complex just shine. Well one day she was getting some plants and some bags of potting soil out of her car while I was pulling in from work. I left my belongings in my vehicle and had CJ come and help me with her things first. Her smile just lit up. It genuinely felt great just to help her carry her things to her porch.

    Chelsea, that is so sad when people react that way. Someone in life must have treated her very poorly for that reaction! Hugs to you for not letting that get to you!