Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Happy Blog Hop!

It starts here! In an attempt to spread some happiness around the scrappy blog world, several of my friends and I hope you will join us in a happy hop. Here's what you do:

1. Comment to the quest below in this post.
2. Click on the next hostess blog and do the same again and again!

The beauty of this hop is: EVERY blog is offering a DIFFERENT prize! You have a chance at MANY awesome new scrap goodies:) All you have to do, is "think happy" and participate. The first prize is everything you see in the above picture:) This hop will go on until Sunday at midnight. Then on Monday, each blog will draw a participant's name - there will be many prizes and many winners!

Here is your first quest:
*Name 3 things you love about yourself.

Then click on over to my dear friend, Erin's blog for a chance at another great prize!
Thanks for hopping by! Have a happy day:)


  1. Ok, too funny, I subscribe to both yours and Jennifer Moore's blogs, and I had NO idea that you were sisters! =)

    3 things I love about myself:

    1. My self confidence in who I am and loving my body as it is, baby scars and all.

    2. My commitment to being the best Mom I can be!

    3. My lips...they're my best feature I think!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Here's my happy face :)

    Three things I love about myself:

    1. The close relationship I have with my family
    2. My patience
    3. My blue eyes

    Thanks for the chance to win a prize and for a happy hop!

  3. 8>)

    1. Being strong enough to be both mommy and daddy to my boys!
    2. My ability to talk to just about anyone I come across
    3. My back and shoulders tee hee

  4. 1. my nails
    2. i'm a good momma
    3. i'm a chatty kathy when i' delerious

  5. Thinking happy thoughts!!

    3 things I love about myself...

    1. My strength, I didn't know the amount I had till I was shown just how much.
    2. That I am a very devoted mother, wife, daughter and sister.
    3.My love for the little things.

  6. 1.My confidence in myself to try things new
    2.being a good mom and Nana patience

  7. This should be fun!
    1. My devotion to my craft, generations later will appreciate it.
    2. The fact that I think I am a great mom.
    3. That I am trying to better my life emotionally everyday.

  8. What a great idea! We all need some happy thoughts...

    1. My dedication to my passion: helping people in medicine.
    2. My mothering instinct.
    3. My ability to connect with people every day.

  9. This is a cool idea.

    1-My ability to forgive.
    2-My love for my daughter
    3-My height

  10. 1. my sense of humor

    2. my nose (ok, I was told it's

    3. my commitment to others

  11. What a sweet idea!!

    3 Things I love about me:

    1. That having my son is the best gift ever!
    2. My sense of humor
    3. My loyality to friends

  12. :)
    1. My ability to look for, if not find, the positive, no matter what.
    2. Being a good listener and friend
    3. My 'well rounded-ness'!!

  13. oh, this is the hardest one to answer!!
    1. my craftiness
    2. my frugalness
    3. having 2 kids and a husband who love me

  14. I would have to say....
    1. my sense of humor
    2. being a very good friend
    3. being a good wife, mother & grandmother

  15. I would have to say:
    1. my patience
    2. Positive attitude
    3. being a good mom and wife :)

  16. Well, I don't think about myself that often! :)

    1. trying to stay positive in a negative world
    2. my eyes
    3. my smile

  17. What a great question!

    1.My gift of teaching
    2.My smile & Big brown eyes
    3.My creativity

  18. I love.....

    my quirky sense of humor
    my intuitiveness
    my quick wit

  19. 1. My eyes
    2. My height
    3. My children

  20. my naturally orange and curly hair
    my hazel eyes
    my heart and compassion for people